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Second Encyclopedia of Tlön

One of my knowledgeable readers (Jack Ginsburg) has alerted me to the fact that Joshua Heller has a wonderful interactive web site about the Second Encyclopedia of Tlön (see my last post).  It comes up automatically when you go to the Joshua Heller Rare Books web site.  Once the page that shows the full encyclopedia […]

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Even More Books from the Hybrid Book Fair

A continuation of my last post, this one will conclude my discussion of interesting books I saw at the Hybrid Book Fair. Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön  The ability to charm and amuse without descending into empty frivolity or clever cynicism is an enviable talent. It requires a unexpected turn of mind coupled with a […]

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More from the Hybrid Book Fair

Well my email inbox tells me that readers are clamoring for more about the Hybrid Book Fair.  Sorry for the delay – I got back from the conference and promptly flew away again.  But now I’m back and have added some images to my last posting on the Fair and have the next installment below. […]

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Report from the Hybrid Book Fair

I’ve just finished my first day at the Hybrid Book Conference and Book Fair (hosted by the University of the Arts in Philadelphia) and so far it has been filled with interesting panels/presentations and a great book fair.  Since I’m reviewing the conference for CAA Reviews, I’ll hold off on my comments about the program […]

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The Allure of Postal Mail

[Note: If you are looking for the blog post that is a companion to my Spring 2009 Journal of Artists’ Books article on the Pyramid Atlantic Critic’s awards, you can read it here.] I love the mail. I don’t get nearly enough of it (at least not of the good kind), though whether that is […]

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History of Color

I’ve been home sick with a cold and in my fevered state have come up with my dream class to teach to  book art students. The subject would be  the history of color—which may come as no surprise to anyone who knows me and my fascination with this topic, but I believe there really is […]

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New issue of Mimeo Mimeo released

Just a quick note to alert readers that Kyle Schlesinger has announced the second issue of his journal  Mimeo Mimeo.  To quote Kyle: “Mimeo Mimeo is a forum for critical and cultural perspectives on artists’ books, fine press printing and the mimeograph revolution. This periodical features essays, interviews, artifacts, and reflections on the graphic, material […]


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Welcome and a Word About This Blog

Hello and Welcome. Why This Blog? As you may have seen from my About page, I am an artist with a particular interest in books—making books, reading books, thinking about books, thinking about what I read, reading about how to make, making what I think about…  I am starting this blog in order to explore […]

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