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Second Encyclopedia of Tlön

One of my knowledgeable readers (Jack Ginsburg) has alerted me to the fact that Joshua Heller has a wonderful interactive web site about the Second Encyclopedia of Tlön (see my last post).  It comes up automatically when you go to the Joshua Heller Rare Books web site.  Once the page that shows the full encyclopedia […]

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Even More Books from the Hybrid Book Fair

A continuation of my last post, this one will conclude my discussion of interesting books I saw at the Hybrid Book Fair. Second Encyclopaedia of Tlön  The ability to charm and amuse without descending into empty frivolity or clever cynicism is an enviable talent. It requires a unexpected turn of mind coupled with a […]

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Report from the Hybrid Book Fair

I’ve just finished my first day at the Hybrid Book Conference and Book Fair (hosted by the University of the Arts in Philadelphia) and so far it has been filled with interesting panels/presentations and a great book fair.  Since I’m reviewing the conference for CAA Reviews, I’ll hold off on my comments about the program […]

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Figuring Absence, pt 4: Long & Freeman’s Chicago Stock Yards Book

We left off our discussion of absence with Stalin’s revisionist approach to history and the question of whether or not he succeeded in erasing the past through willful obliteration. This leads me to our last book which is about different kind of historical absence, one not imposed by a political agenda and layers of ink, […]

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Figuring Absence, pt 3: Ken Campbell’s Ten Years in Uzbekistan

In the last post we explored a book which centered around the personal experience of absence. Following is the continuation of the transcription of my CBAA presentation, Figuring Absence, in which I now explore the political experience of absence. I’d like to turn now to a very different kind of absence. Ken Campbell and David […]

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Figuring Absence, pt 2: Sophie Calle’s Exquisite Pain

We left off the last post with the idea that belonging is a core part of our experiences of absence. Following is the continuation of the transcription of my CBAA presentation, Figuring Absence. So let us now turn to Sophie Calle’s book Exquisite Pain which takes up both of this idea of absence as it […]

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Figuring Absence (CBAA Notes, pt.3)

I’ve had several people ask me for a transcript of my talk from CBAA so for the final installment of my conference notes, I offer a (somewhat amended) transcription of my talk Figuring Absence, Using Theme-based comparison to Look at Artists’ Books. It is long enough that I am going to divide it into several […]

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Bruno Munari and Photo-Reportage

Have you read Bruno Munari’s Photo-Reportage?  I discovered this book awhile ago quite by chance.  Sometime when traveling, somewhere on a bookstore table, I’m not even sure what made me pick it up.  And then I read it and didn’t know how I hadn’t known about it before—a book not particularly about artists’ books, but […]

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William Kentridge – Everyone Their Own Projector

I bought a book at the New York Art Book Fair. Well, truth be told, I bought several books, but I’m going to start with this one, William Kentridge’s Everyone Their Own Projector. (I’ll cover some of the other books in later posts). If you don’t know Kentridge’s work, he is a remarkable artist from […]

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