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Bruno Munari and Photo-Reportage

Have you read Bruno Munari’s Photo-Reportage?  I discovered this book awhile ago quite by chance.  Sometime when traveling, somewhere on a bookstore table, I’m not even sure what made me pick it up.  And then I read it and didn’t know how I hadn’t known about it before—a book not particularly about artists’ books, but […]

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William Kentridge – Everyone Their Own Projector

I bought a book at the New York Art Book Fair. Well, truth be told, I bought several books, but I’m going to start with this one, William Kentridge’s Everyone Their Own Projector. (I’ll cover some of the other books in later posts). If you don’t know Kentridge’s work, he is a remarkable artist from […]

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Undefining the Book Art Field

The word-of-the-day is movement. Not a ground-shattering word, but one the book art field might benefit from employing more liberally.  I’ve recently returned from a stimulating four days at the New York Contemporary Artists’ Books Conference/New York Art Book Fair, where I had my eyes opened to a lot of interesting works and ideas, many […]

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